WiFi-Automatic is my five star rated Android App. The purpose of WiFi-Automatic is quite simple but very handy if you are tired of switching on off your Wi-Fi every time you are at home or while your phone is charging. This App automatically enables or disables your Wi-Fi upon connection or disconnection of the charger.

Version 1.2 contains this features:

  • Individual behavior on charger connection or disconnection
    For example: switch on Wi-Fi upon charger connection but never switch it off again.
  • Three additional options on charger disconnection
    1. Switch off Wi-Fi immediately after charger disconnection
    2. Delay for 30 seconds and display option to keep Wi-Fi enabled
    3. Return Wi-Fi to the state how it was before charger connection.
      If Wi-Fi was on before charger connection keep it on otherwise switch it off
  • Availible in three languages English, German, Turkish and Russian

Additional translation

If you like this App but it is not yet in your language you can easily contribute your translation on my WiFi-Automatic translation page. It is very simple and easy without any kind of registration. Just translate or correct as much as you like to and commit your results.

WiFi-Automatic Screenshots


4 comments to WiFi-Automatic

  • Gil Laird

    I Really don’t know about wifi !Don’t know what it does.what’s the purpose of it? Does it give u better reception

    • admin

      No it doesn’t change your WiFi perception.
      The only purpose of Wi-Fi Automatic is to automatically turn on/off your Wi-Fi connection every time you connect/disconnect your phone to a charger.

      Nothing more and noting less.

      Lot of people also myself find it quite handy if the phone switches On/Off WiFi automatically.

  • Reiner


    I have a galaxy S2 and I can’t “ignore” the switching off within the 30s delay … how should it be done? I get no popup windows or somethine equal…

    Thanks for a hint


    • admin

      Hello Reiner,
      If you see the countdown going down in the status bar slide down to see the countdown in the notification list. Now if you click on the countdown that it will disappear immediately and the WiFi will stay on and won’t switch off.

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